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Technical Data 

Test term
Test Standard
Test Value
Outdoor temperature resistance
ASTM D1654a GB/T17748-1999
No abnormity
Thermal expansion
ASTM D696a GB/T17748-1999
1.98x10-5 0C-1
Deflection temperature under heat
ASTM D648-01 GB/T17748-1999
Thermal conduction
ASTM D976a GB/T17748-1999
0.102 Kcal/m.hr
Flexural Rigidity
ASTM C393a GB/T17748-1999
14.0 x105 kg/mm2
Impact resistance
ASTM D732a GB/T17748-1999
1.650 kgf
Adhesive strength
ASTM D903a GB/T17748-1999
0.78 kg/mm
Sound-insulating rate
ASTM E413a GB/T17748-1999
25 db
Flexural Elasticity
ASTM D790a GB/T17748-1999
Shear resistance
ASTM D732a ;GB/T17748-1999
2.6 kgf/mm2
Minimum bending radius
ASTM D790a GB/T17748-1999
(LO)45mm ,(PO)70mm
Tensile strength
ASTM D638-02 GB/T17748-1999
49.6 Mpa
Flexural Strength
ASTM D790-02 GB/T17748-1999
108 Mpa
180° peel strength
ASTM D903 GB/T17748-1999
10.7 N/mm
Fire propagation
ASTM E84a GB/T17748-1999
Class B1
Smoke developed
ASTM E84a GB/T17748-1999
< 45
Wind-pressure resistance
ASTM E330a GB/T17748-1999
Properties against water
ASTM E331a GB/T17748-1999
surface color no changed after 1000 times clean. (passed)
Properties against air
ASTM E283a GB/T17748-1999
Finish coat thickness
ISO 2360(CNS 84) GB/T 17748-1999
29 um
ASTM D532-89 GB/T17748-1999
Pencil hardness
ASTM D3363-74 GB/T17748-1999
Toughness of coating
ASTM D4145-83 GB/T17748-1999
2T no rift
Adhesive force
ASTM D3359-87aGB/T17748-1999
Impact resistance
ASTM D2794GB/T17748-1999
No crack after 60 kg.cm.
Abrasion resistance
ASTM D968-81GB/T17748-1999
64.5 L/mil
Mortar resistance
ASTM 2605-90 GB/T17748-1999
24 Hrs pat test exceed
Humidity resistance
ASTM D2247-87 GB/T17748-1999
3000 hr No blister
Resistance to change of tempearture
surface no change 20 cycle in -40°C ~80°C
Boil -water resistance
ASTM D3359-B GB/T17748-1999
surface color unchanged boiling for 2 hrs. (passed)
Salt-spray resistance
ASTM D117-94 GB/T17748-1999 5%NaCL,35oC
3000 hr No blister(passed)
Acid resistance
AAMA 2605-91,TEST #7,7.31 GB/T17748-1999
surface color unchanged with 5%HCL(v/v) for 48 hrs. (passed)
Solvent resistance
ASTM D2248-73GB/T17748-1999, ECCA T5 & NCCA NO.11-18 GB/T17748-1999
bottom unrevealed after clean 100 times with butanone. (passed)
Alkali resistance
ASTM D1308-87 GB/T17748-1999
surface color unchanged with 5%NaOH(mpm) for 48 hrs. (passed)
Color retention
ASTM D2244-87,(85) GB/T17748-1999
chalk resistance
ASTM D4214-89 GB/T17748-1999
No chalk
Gloss retention
ASTM D2244-85 GB/T17748-1999

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